Your company has a lot to say, and many people to reach: your customers, employees, partners, the media… Where to start? Into Copy gets your message across. We inform, persuade and move your target audience.

Writing, editing, translating

We shape your story into clear copy, using just the right tone of voice. Editorials, blogs, web copy, whitepapers, brochures: whatever you need, we can deliver. We write, edit and translate – although we prefer the term “transcreation” instead. After all, sometimes the best result requires reimagining the source text.

IT and other industries

Are you in IT? At Into Copy, we know all about that. We also know our way around marketing, finance, retail, HR and healthcare. And of course, we don’t mind learning about other subject fields!

Easy to understand

We make sure your target audience understands complex matters. And we know how to address sensitive issues, like organizational and cultural changes. It’s our way of connecting people.





Content for websites and social media

Looking to renew your website? Or maybe you’d like to create a social media presence on channels like LinkedIn and Facebook? We can provide web copy, blogs, articles for inbound marketing, long copy, banners, and anything else you might need.

Customer and company magazines

Digital or print: magazines are and will remain a powerful instrument in your marketing mix. We can supply background articles, columns, interviews and more.

Email campaIgns

Want to enforce your brand? Get leads? Or support an online marketing program? Whatever your marketing goals, we strike the right chord and help you achieve your targets.

Customer cases

Who better to tell your story than your own customers? We give them a voice, through customer cases that strengthen your reputation.


Content is king. The better your information, the bigger the chance of the right people finding you. We work alongside you to produce in-depth whitepapers that trigger and inspire.

Press releases

Interesting company news?Our appealing press releases help you get exposure in relevant trade magazines or other media.

Brochures AND flyers

Spread the word about your company, services or products through promotional brochures and flyers. We take care of all content.


Planning to organize an event to inspire and inform your customers and prospects? We do all the writing for you: from the initial save the date, invite and landing page to follow-up mails.


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Typically Into Copy. No purple prose, but copy that’s clear and to the point. Just the way it should be.
— Daniëlle de Nijs, Consultant, The Communication Force
Fast and good: that’s Into Copy. We have worked on many projects together.
— Nina Barchukova, Campaign Project Manager/Marketing Strategist, George P. Johnson
Our technology is complex, but Into Copy knows just how to make it work from a business perspective.
— Hilda Koenes, Director Marketing, Eurofiber
Into Copy understands what customers need.
— Anouck Dolphens, Account Manager, BBDO





Into Copy? That’s me, Kitty Döppenbecker. I’m a quick-witted copywriter with loads of experience and a wide range of skills, which enables me to master any topic very quickly. But Into Copy also means the freelance professionals I work with, like other copywriters, translators, graphic designers and website developers.


For companies of all sizes, in the Netherlands and Belgium

Into Copy delivers high-quality copy, on time and within budget. We work for companies large and small, directly and through communication agencies. Many customers in the Netherlands and in Belgium have been relying on our services for many years. After living in Flanders for almost two decades, I got to know the differences in language and culture quite well. This helps us support organizations in both countries.


Copy made easy

Doing business with Into Copy is easy:

    1. We come to an agreement on the approach, planning and cost (project-based or hourly rate) of your project.
    2. We deliver a concept version of the copy.
    3. We produce a final version of the copy after at least one revision, based on feedback from all people involved.



    Want to know more about Into Copy? We’re happy to tell you all about us in person.

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